A little piece of me

The author:

  • twenty seven years old
  • normal girl with normal life (thank God!)
  • daddy’s one and only daughter; spoiled as it is
  • mommy’s only daughter and best friend; just the two of us
  • a wife of a handsome husband and a mother of a little princess

reading – traveling – blogging – writing – playing games – listening to music – watching movies – icon – layout – families – friends – macbook – iPod – cats – 日本語 – English – HYDE – L’Arc~en~Ciel – ガゼット | The GazettE – Japan

  • color: pink, pastels
  • food: takoyaki, unagi bento
  • drink: vanilla starbucks coffee, milk, milk tea, tea float
  • anime: fruits basket, kuroshitshuji, X
  • manga: fruits basket, meitantei conan, nodame cantabile, ouran koukou host club, piano no mori
  • dorama: kurosagi, nodame cantabile, ichi ritoru no namida, tatta hitotsu no koi, nobuta wo produce
  • movie: identity, crash, nana, kagen no tsuki, moon child
  • music: L’Arc~en~Ciel, the Gazette, Gackt, Nakashima Mika
  • tv show: csi, castle, band of brothers, bones
  • book: sherlock holmes, harry potter, saksikan bahwa aku seorang muslim
  • game: suikoden, final fantasy, the sims, harvest moon, poupee girl

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